Gift of Silence

Alfred Smith

Mara’s son is at the center of her burning city and his song out of control. She may not be able to save them both.

Mara’s son is a Harmonic prodigy, his power and skill well beyond what his years can account for.

When he loses control during a rite of passage, she suspects there’s more to it than just his own power. Something sinister lurks inside her son’s song, and she may not be able to save him.

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About The Author

Alfred Smith

Alfred Smith

Alfred Smith is a father and rowing coach from Erie, Pennsylvania. He found himself telling stories from a young age, and then made the logical step into running Dungeons and Dragons games when he was only 9 years old. He has settled in Erie, Pennsylvania for the foreseeable future with his wife, Emily, his daughter, Hope, and their cat, Lord Squeaky. Alfred has run the Parsec SFF Short Story Contest since 2020. He has been published in Deep Magic Ezine, and several anthologies from Air and Nothingness Press.