Our Authors

Barb Bissonette

Barb Bissonette is a retired medical nurse of forty years at Soldiers Memorial Hospital in Orillia, Ontario. She completed a mission to Dominican Republic with the Sisters of Charity to work among the people living there. She loved nursing, but has always enjoyed reading and writing. As a child, she… (read more)

Lisa Jacob

Lisa Jacob started reading tarot cards at twelve, hiding them from her parents for more than 30 years. She was initiated in a Wiccan tradition, but eventually fell out of that "organized" religion, developing a more eclectic, Magical-based belief. She has summoned spirits, predicted the future, and assisted in the… (read more)

Lorna Hopkins Keith

Lorna Keith, born in Hollywood, California, with a B.A. in Mathematics, has been writing since her teens. Fascinated by both numbers and words, she is also a musician, photographer, and puzzler. Lorna has self-published a science fiction trilogy, attended many science fiction conventions and writing workshops, and has read science… (read more)

Paul Moore

Paul Moore was born in the Missouri Ozarks, raised in St. Louis, and eventually settled in the sand of central Florida. He calls each of these places home. His inner mix of hillbilly river rat, lowlands daydreamer, sand road hermit, and reader of nineteenth-century history writers form the base of… (read more)

Ryan Southwick

Ryan Southwick lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. When he's not obsessively writing, he's either programming or out in the field trying not to crash his first-person racing drone. His books: Angels in the Mist (Book 1 of The Z-Tech Chronicles) ? available Spring 2020. Angels Fall (Book 2… (read more)

R. J. Stanchfield

Ronin James “R. J.” Stanchfield, storyteller, has journeyed through existence, including opposing the war in Vietnam, being a founder of the United States Green Party, and closing not one, but two, nuclear reactors. He was a whistleblower at Shoreham and, a few years later, found the purposely hidden “lost pages”… (read more)