• Glass Bottles

    Glass Bottles (5)

    When your past is left undone, it will come find you.

  • Goddess Rising

    Goddess Rising (4)

    An epic dark Urban Fantasy of gods warring with demons using humans as pawns set in our real world and hinging on events from ancient history.

  • Grimaulkin

    Grimaulkin (8)

    Mike LeBonte went to prison for summoning demons and using magic. At the age of 18, he is let out for good behavior. Now he’s trying to make a better life for himself.

  • Patchwork Universe

    Patchwork Universe (4)

    Physicists agree that the greater universe consists of an unknowable number of alternate worlds — the multiverse. Some theories suggest that worlds touch like bubbles in foam.

    What if a thin patch in that contact could form a gateway?

    Tama Jean Roy walks to another world by accident, and it will be a long hopscotch home, as she makes new friends, enemies, and family connections in her travels.

    Each "Patchwork Universe" story allows a denizen of an alternate world to tell their story — one in which Tama’s presence changes their life course and upends events in that world as a whole.

  • Revin's Heart

    Revin's Heart (8)

    Revin, a young man from a poor mining town, has pulled himself up by his bootstraps to become the student apprentice of a law professor. But then, everything goes wrong: their airship is captured by pirates and Revin loses his mentor. Born female, Revin must make his way in a world oriented toward men while he struggles with his own identity.

    Set against the backdrop of a war between island nations, a young man must navigate a world divided between the aristocracy and the common people. And, as a promising young man, he must choose whom to align himself with — and to serve. But what does Revin's Heart say?

  • The Stolen Future

    The Stolen Future (3)

    The “Stolen Future” series follows a 20th-century soldier, catapulted against his will over 800,000 years into the future, to find a world of super-science alongside resurrected prehistoric terrors, alien beings and man-made mutants, governed by a long-lost human offshoot who has returned to conquer their ancestral homeworld.

  • The Tharassas Cycle

    The Tharassas Cycle (4)

    Set in the world of The Last Run and The Emp Test, the Tharassas Cycle mixes fantasy and science fiction in an alien world where cultures clash and everyone’s lives are about to change … for better or worse.

  • The Truck Stop at the Center of the Galaxy

    The Truck Stop at the Center of the Galaxy (9)

    At the center of the galaxy rests a mystery — a fully-functional space station abandoned by an alien race for centuries.

    Now a thriving hub for interstellar commerce and tourism, the station still contains more mysteries than you might imagine …

  • The Unremembered King

    The Unremembered King (3)

    Set in one of the many worlds of the Patchwork Universe, this series follows the career of military officer and heir to the kingship Corren, son of Yutek, who may or may not be remembered as the twenty-second king of the United Districts of Jeska.

    Corren works hard to earn the right to lead his country, but it’s an unsettled time for Jeska, with internal unrest and rumors of invaders … and then a traveler from another world arrives with a shaman’s cape.

    Corren doesn’t believe in magic — but he might be able to use the ideas and technology that the traveler has brought with her.

  • The Z-Tech Chronicles

    The Z-Tech Chronicles (7)

    In the face of a rising, ancient evil, a traumatized San Francisco waitress may be the only thing standing between humanity and oblivion.