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2024 Newsletters

  • May 2024: Experience the power of “Strained Sigma Bonds”
  • April 2024: Explore a forbidden romance on a hidden world with “Killian”
  • March 2024: Meet “The Hencha Queen …”
  • February 2024: Meet our authors at Boskone and our latest releases
  • January 2024: New year! New books!

2023 Newsletters

2022 Newsletters

  • December 2022: When working from home becomes more than just the new normal …
  • October 2022: Writing our way to a better future …
  • August 2022: Writing Our Way to WorldCon 2022
  • June 2022: Booking it at BayCon 2022
  • April 2022: Springtime brings an assortment of new stories
  • March 2022: Welcome to The Truck Stop at the Center of the Galaxy!
  • February 2022: It’s all about short fiction for the shortest month

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2020 Newsletters

  • December 2020: The Best Gift You Can Give an Author
  • November 2020: “Mermaid Steel” wields the power of love over hate
  • September 2020: Experience the end of the game with all of the “Balls in Play”
  • August 2020: Two new books for your late summer reading
  • July 2020: Join Us to the (Virtual) Launch Event for “Angels in the Mist”!
  • June 2020: Encounter the Angels in the Mist
  • April 2020: Experiencing Songs in a Box and other tales to come
  • March 2020: Discovering Just a Bit of Magic
  • February 2020: Exploring the world of Cityfall

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