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The Working


A modern coven must thwart a looming eco-cataclysm and find the key to the bright future we need.

Betsy's a modern-day Witch with an ageless problem: she's worried about screwing up her coven's ritual. Again. But the coven has a bigger issue to face — the destruction of their home thanks to a fracked gas pipeline. And then an even bigger problem — a greed-fueled entity will soon obliterate Earth’s ability to support life.

Tarot cards indicate the coven must sort among allies and threats, human and ethereal.

Follow Betsy, Sail, Fire, Mari, and Tal as they disentangle the truth and seek the magic to avert the cataclysm.

Fans of The Once and Future Witches and The City We Became will love The Working for its feminist, justice-seeking, ensemble cast. Readers hail The Working for its diverse characters, real magical practice, and tilt towards hope.

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BrightFlame (she/they) writes, teaches, and makes magic towards a just, regenerative world. She's a member of the Climate Fiction Writers League. Her short fiction is featured in Solarpunk Creatures (World Weaver Press), Bioluminescent (Android Press), and Solarpunk Magazine. She’s known for her teaching in the worldwide pagan community and co-founded the Center for Sustainable Futures at Columbia University that features her workshops and nonfiction. She lives on Lenape territory (Turtle Island/U.S.) with a human, a forest, a labyrinth, the Fey, bees, turtles, fungi, rocks, and many other nonhumans. Visit brightflame.com for musings, doodles, workshops, and more.

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  1. Starhawk

    “A heady mix of magic and environmental activism, written by a real Witch who knows her stuff and has a gift for embedding knowledge of trance and ritual into fiction.”

    Starhawk, bestselling author of The Fifth Sacred Thing

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