The Insane God

Jay Hartlove

A meteorite fragment cures a teenaged trans girl’s schizophrenia, but leaves her with visions of ancient warring gods annihilating each other in space.

As the Earth hurtles toward the cloud that is the shattered bodies of those eternal enemies, their eons-old conflict is rekindled on Earth to divide and destroy humanity.

Can she and her brother stop the spread of global disaster?

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Jay Hartlove

Jay Hartlove

Jay Hartlove is the playwright, director and producer of The Mirror’s Revenge, the musical sequel to the Snow White fable, which had its theatrical run in the San Francisco Bay Area in August 2018 to rave reviews. Jay is also the award-winning author of the urban fantasy "Goddess Rising" Trilogy (Goddess Chosen, Goddess Daughter, and Goddess Rising) and the fantasy romance Mermaid Steel.

His stories are filled with conspiracies and the supernatural, gods, dreams, angels, and hidden connections. His creative motto is "Dark Secrets Revealed". He loves to take stories where the reader does not expect, with sympathetic villains, heroes with very dark pasts, and lots of plot twists. He turns victims into heroes. He was selected as one of the "50 Authors You Should Be Reading" by The Authors Show.

Jay is a former competitive costumer, having won Best in Show at both San Diego ComicCon and WorldCon. You can read more about Jay’s creative adventures, including much of the research he put into his books, at

7 reviews for The Insane God

  1. David Brin

    “A mystery, a terror, intervention and the Power of Love.”

    David Brin, author of The Postman and EARTH

  2. Kirkus Reviews

    “Sarah, specifically, is intriguingly complex, and her journey of self-discovery is profoundly moving. Nightmare on Elm Street meets The Stand.”

    Kirkus Reviews

  3. Darrold Wagner

    “Not only do we get to explore Good vs. Evil, LGBTQ+ issues, and insanity, but we finish with a rip-roaring action-packed battle. This book has it all.”

    Darrold Wagner, Amazon Vine Reviewer

  4. T. E. MacArthur

    “There are those who accept and those who reject Sarah’s transition – sometimes including Sarah herself. She is left with the question of how to bring the world into the truth and acceptance of its own danger when it barely accepts her truth and existence. This is an Urban Fantasy, right for the modern age, that will tug and yank you in all sorts of directions until you get to the last satisfying page.”

    T. E. MacArthur, author of A Place of Fog and Murder and The Skin Thieves

  5. Kathy Finfrock

    “The story has a little bit of everything. Science, fantasy, addresses issues about being transgender, early loss of parents, a bit of violence, and enough action to keep you turning the pages. One thing I liked about this story is that the “chosen one” was not the only teenager in the universe who can save the planet. I also like that, days after having finished reading the story, Sarah has stayed in my heart.”

    Kathy Finfrock, Best Book Club Now

  6. Wanda Firman-Cooper

    “If you want to read a book that will have you so engaged that you do not want to walk away, this would be it! Jay Hartlove has a gift that cannot be ignored.”

    Wanda Firman-Cooper, Write Your Own Story Reviews

  7. Jason Malcolm Stewart

    “In his usual hot-rails-to-perdition style, Hartlove makes this novel jump and spark in a way not many thriller authors are even attempting, much less executing with this level of flair.”

    Jason Malcolm Stewart, author of The Eyes of the Stars

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