Bob Schoonover is a Navy brat, with a Navy pilot father and Navy WAVE mother. He moved frequently as a child until his father retired and settled in Chico, California in the ’60s.

After high school in Chico and attending Occidental College, Bob began his own career in the Navy as a Naval Flight Officer trained for P-3 Orion patrol planes (a land-based aircraft conducting anti-submarine warfare missions and search and rescue). He served at permanent duty stations in Hawaii and San Diego with deployments to the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean. Bob met and married his wife, also a Navy officer, in Hawaii.

After Bob retired, he followed his wife during the remainder of her career to assignments leading to Newport, Rhode Island where they reside with three cats. During his post-Navy career, Bob has been a house husband to their only child since her age of seven, substitute high school teacher, and a high school track and cross-country coach.

Bob is an accomplished watercolor artist and copper wire sculptor of wildlife. He has been a scribbler his whole life and is now writing fiction as a vocation.