Grey Mother Mountain

Elyse Russell

When her village is destroyed, an elderly woman seeks help from the last remaining dragon to get revenge.

Together, these two elderly females vow to rain vengeance down upon their enemies in a storm that will bring an entire city to its ruin.

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About The Author

Elyse Russell

Elyse Russell

Elyse Russell has been writing since she was seven. She loves stories in all forms. When writing, she tends to stick to short stories and graphic novels, and most of her works are speculative in nature.

Elyse has had works accepted with Mermaid's Monthly, Hyphen Punk, Crone Girl's Press, Outcast Press, Markosia, Last Girls Club, and more. Her horror graphic novella, The Fell Witch, is an allegory for postpartum depression and will be released in 2022 with Band of Bards comics.

When not writing, Elyse enjoys long naps with her cats, reading, and donuts. Also cheese. Learn more about her works and world at her website:

1 review for Grey Mother Mountain

  1. J Dark

    “Starts slowly and builds like a dam that vainly tried to hold back a flood. The imagery is solid and the writing is compelling. The author has done a great job of showing the consequences of actions do come back. I highly recommend this story.”

    J Dark, author of Best Intentions

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