Possession is Nine-Tenths

J Dark

Possession might be 9/10th of the law. But no one mentioned 9/10th of what.

Possession is standard fare for some magicians. The possessing spirit moves you to accomplish its goal.

But what if it's not the magician who's possessed?

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About The Author

J Dark

J Dark

J Dark is a latecomer to the writing profession, but enjoying every moment that life will allow. “The best thing to me is writing a story that someone enjoys. If I've made something fun and entertaining for people, it's a win-win.”

J Dark lives with a house full of dreams, three cats, and various friends who occasionally drop by and stay for a while.

The author lives in Kansas, where the winds blow all the time, and, if you blink your eyes, the weather changes. You can find out more about the author's work at The Pandemonium.