“Dragon Gems” Temporarily Closed for Submissions

Dragon Gems

We want to think all of the authors out there for your, quite literally, overwhelming response to our Dragon Gems program. The number of submissions that we have received during the past two months have far, far exceeded our expectations. As a result, we will be temporarily closing submissions to the Dragon Gems program on March 31, 2022 so that we can take the time to evaluate all of the submissions that we already received and respond to them in a prompt manner. As the result of your overwhelming response and support for our Dragon Gems program, we plan to...

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Call for Submissions: “The Future’s So Bright …”

If you could catch a glimpse of the future, what would you hope to see? An environmentally-friendly paradise? High-tech advancements? Newly-evolved species of wildlife? For this collection, we want positive visions of the future. Show us terraces covered in gardens and solar panels, sprawling colonies under glass on Mars, and the explorers of tomorrow. Tell us what you think cities will look like in the year 2300, what it would be like to take a cruise on a spaceship, or what new organisms might evolve in the Amazon rain forest. Science fiction, fantasy, humor, and weird fiction are all welcome.

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