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New Book Release: “The Future’s So Bright”

The Future's So Bright (front cover)

We are thrilled to announce the release of our latest anthology, The Future’s So Bright!

Out of the darkness of the present comes the light of the days ahead …

From all the good things provided by advanced AI to the innocence of discovering new worlds, join our authors as they present uplifting stories of science fiction and fantasy.

Featuring stories by Kevin David Anderson, Maureen Bowden, Steven D. Brewer, Nels Challinor, Regina Clarke, Stephen C. Curro, Jetse de Vries, Nestor Delfino, Gail Ann Gibbs, Henry Herz, Gwen C. Katz, Brandon Ketchum, Julia LaFond, R. Jean Mathieu, Syn McDonald, Christopher Muscato, Alfred Smith, A.M. Weald, and David Wright.

The Future’s So Bright is available now in hardcover, trade paperback, and digital editions.

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