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New Book Release: “Bubbles of Time” by Lorna Hopkins Keith

Bubbles of Time

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Bubbles of Time by Lorna Hopkins Keith.

In this follow-up story to Cityfall

When Janni’s mindTalent leads her to space, she discovers other human colonies … and a threat to them all.

On the world of Peace, Janni must persuade her clan of the danger, and move the colonists from another, larger planet to her world.

On Cityworld, in the community of Starview, leader Samanda Lar, facing earthquakes, and water and food shortages after their disastrous move from dying City, foresees a coming menace and faces the daunting task of convincing her people to move to another world.

When aliens attack Peace, Janni must convince the Watchers, who have programmed Janni’s clan to replace them, that her clan should remain human.

Bubbles of Time is available now in hardcover, trade paperback, and digital editions.

And, for a limited time, get the digital edition of Cityfall for only 99¢!

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