Lorna Hopkins Keith

New Book Release: “Bubbles of Time” by Lorna Hopkins Keith

Bubbles of Time

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Bubbles of Time by Lorna Hopkins Keith. In this follow-up story to Cityfall … When Janni’s mindTalent leads her to space, she discovers other human colonies … and a threat to them all. On the world of Peace, Janni must persuade her clan of the danger, and move the colonists from another, larger planet to her world. On Cityworld, in the community of Starview, leader Samanda Lar, facing earthquakes, and water and food shortages after their disastrous move from dying City, foresees a coming menace and faces the daunting task of...

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New Book Release: “Cityfall” by Lorna Hopkins Keith

We are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of Cityfall by Lorna Hopkins Keith. After Samanda Lar destroys her ex-husband, the Volen hand her the mission of saving the people of City and establishing their new home. The Volen leave City to dissolve, forcing Sam to deal with her people amid the coming collapse, and the alien colonies on this world. Sam is aided by her twin, Brad, and her alien brother, Max (who becomes Maxee). Joining them is Todd, whose mother took in the twins when their mother left when they were five, and Arlene, the governor's assistant who...

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Water Dragon Publishing Welcomes Author Lorna Keith

We are excited to announce that we have officially signed a deal with author Lorna Keith for her book, Cityfall. Lorna Keith has been writing since her teens. Fascinated by both numbers and words, she is also a musician, photographer, and puzzler. She has self-published a science fiction trilogy, attended many science fiction conventions and writing workshops, and has read science fiction most of her life. She by a lake in Florida with her husband and a chatty calico cat. Her book, Cityfall, is scheduled for publication in Winter 2019. We welcome Lorna to our Water Dragon Publishing family!

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