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Water Dragon Publishing Welcomes Author Morgan Chalut

Morgan Chalut

We are excited to announce that we have officially signed an agreement with author Morgan Chalut to publish all three books in her fantasy trilogy, “The Unwoven Tapestry“.

Morgan Chalut lives in Dallas, Texas with her delightfully handsome and silly, charming, supportive and lovely husband, Philip. They have two dogs together, Caramel, who absolutely wants to be your friend, and Sammie, who … very definitely does not.

Morgan has been writing since she learned that anyone was allowed to do that; it wasn’t illegal or anything! While it didn’t slow down her talking, it at least gave her parents and six older siblings a break once in a while. She hopes to continue to discover characters and world she can plot and explore.

The currently planned publication dates for Morgan’s books are:

We welcome Morgan to our Water Dragon Publishing family!

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