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New Book Release: “Balls in Play (Book Three from Stories in Glass)” by Paul S. Moore

We are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of Balls in Play (Book Three from Stories in Glass) by Paul S. Moore.

Is it true that heroes are made, not born?

Does the right stuff come out of hiding when we recognize the moment the game is on the line? Who will come off the bench to save the world from itself? In these times, it’s good enough just to force the game into extra innings.​

Otis McKinney, Dr. Henry Milton, an embattled Panamanian tribe, a failed baseball prospect, a dedicated cab driver, and the Asmudi family walk into a club … It sounds like the first line of a joke. This club is no joke. They’re playing for all the marbles.

In a chain, stretching from before the Great Flood and into tomorrow, the weakest link is up to bat and he doesn’t know the game rules until he makes them up in the last inning.

In the madcap ending to this book series, streams merge, boats collide. The supernatural around us and the human monsters in our underworld join in the whirlpool where our heroes must find a captain for one boat to make its final dive into the hole at the end of the stream.

Balls in Play (Book Three from Stories in Glass) is available in hardcover, trade paperback, and digital editions.

And for a limited time, get the digital editions of the first two books from Stories in GlassRules of the Campfire and Songs in a Box — for only 99¢!

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