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New Book Release: “The Hencha Queen” by J. Scott Coatsworth

The Hencha Queen (front cover)

We are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of The Hencha Queen (Book Three in “The Tharassas Cycle“) by J. Scott Coatsworth.

Silya finally comes into her own, but will she be enough?Silya finally has everything she always wanted: She’s the Hencha Queen, head of the Temple, and is mastering her newfound talents. So why does the world pick now to fall apart?

Her once-nemesis Raven is off riding dragons, and their mutual friend (and her ex) Aik is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, a new threat menaces the Heartland from the East. If she can’t convince a reluctant city council to prepare for the worst, she may lose everything—and everyone—she’s ever cared about.

As Silya wields her abilities, dry wit, and sheer determination to save her city, she’s joined by Raven and his new friends, just as a dark storm threatens to sweep them all away. Will their aid help tip the scales? And will she and Raven finally find out what happened to Aik?

Forget messy. Things just got apocalyptic.

The Hencha Queen is available now in hardcover, trade paperback, and digital editions. Signed editions are also available!

And, for a limited time, get the digital editions of The Dragon Eater (Book One in “The Tharassas Cycle“) and The Gauntlet Runner (Book Two in “The Tharassas Cycle“) for only 99¢!

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