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Water Dragon Publishing Welcomes Author Sue Eaton

Sue Eaton

We are excited to announce that we have signed an agreement with author Sue Eaton to publish her science fiction novella, The Ceres Illusion.

Sue Eaton was born and raised in Northamptonshire in the UK. Her love for science fiction began with the first ever episode of Dr. Who. Since then, she has devoured science fiction television series, films, and books. Her favorite authors include John Wyndham, Philip Dick, and Ray Bradbury, and anything on television by the Andersons. (She has a fondness for dolls and puppets.)

Sue was a teacher of children with autism and special needs for many years, and has written drama for children with communication and social needs, earning a Millennium award. She has published a science fiction/historical novel, The Woman Who Was Not His Wife, and has had short stories published in four horror anthologies, one science fiction anthology, and has edited an anthology of ghost stories.

The Ceres Illusion is currently scheduled for publication in late Summer 2023.

We welcome Sue to our Water Dragon Publishing family!

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