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Putting a New Shine on Dragon Gems

Dragon Gems

As we reported back in March 2022, we experienced, quite literally, an overwhelming response to our Dragon Gems short fiction program. The number of submissions that we have received in only two months far, far, far exceeded our expectations … and our resources to manage them.

We received many terrific stories, and we would love to publish so many of them, but our limited resources for now only allow us to publish one new story each month.

So, after much discussion and consideration, we have developed a new strategy for our Dragon Gems short fiction program as we plan ahead for 2023:

  • For stories consisting of more than 5,000 words, we will evaluate those for publication as standalone stories as we had originally planned for this program.
  • For stories of less than 5,000 words, we will evaluate those for inclusion in a quarterly Dragon Gems anthology.

We believe that this will be an exciting new direction for the Dragon Gems program that will allow us to publish more of the wonderful stories that we receive, and give authors additional opportunities to see their stories published and distributed.

And, for those of you who have asked or are wondering, we plan to open our Dragon Gems program again for submissions in January 2023.

3 Comments on “Putting a New Shine on Dragon Gems

  1. I have a story I’ve been sitting on for a number of years. My question is; will you consider a story that bellies an ending and simply leave the reader to speculate?

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