Dragon Gems
Submissions Evaluation Guidelines

Evaluation Criteria

Some criteria to consider when evaluating the story:

  1. Did the story grab and keep your attention?
  2. Were the characters interesting?
  3. Was the story and plot well-structured?
  4. Was the ending satisfying? Did it feel like an ending?
  5. Did the level of detail and/or exposition feel appropriate?
  6. Was the manuscript formatted reasonably well? Did it appear that the manuscript was edited and spell-checked?

(Note: These are numbered for convenience, not by importance.)

Other Considerations

  • If a story is simply not for you — be it a genre or subject matter that you’re uncomfortable with — don’t be afraid to say so and decline to review the story. We would rather find another reviewer than make you feel like you must review a story that you don’t feel comfortable or qualified to evaluate.
  • It will be the very rare submission that will be perfect — requiring almost nothing in the way of editing or grammatical correction.