A Wreck of Dragons

Elaine Isaak

Teens and their giant robots search for a new home for mankind, but the planet they discover belongs to the dragons.

Two hundred years after the Climate Wars left Earth uninhabitable, Johari and his giant robot companion lead a squad of scouts on a quest for a new Goldilocks planet to settle the remnants of the human race.

When one of the scouts and his bot go down in a hostile wilderness, Johari's fight to save them reveals complex behavior in the dragon-like dominant species. The scout team fragments as Johari strives to rescue his friends and discover the truth about the aliens.

If he's right, mankind will lose its best hope for a home — or sacrifice its own humanity.

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About The Author

Elaine Isaak

Elaine Isaak

Elaine Isaak writes adventure novels inspired by research subjects like medieval surgery, ancient clockworks, and Byzantine mechanical wonders. Published works include Drakemaster (Guardbridge 2022), The "Dark Apostle" series (DAW), and the “Bone Guard” archaeological thrillers. One recent adventure is the interactive superhero novel Skystrike: Wings of Justice, for Choice of Games.

While researching her books, she learned how to hunt with a falcon, clear a building of possible assailants, and pull traction on a broken limb. A former adventure guide, Elaine lives and writes in the Granite State. To learn more about her works and world visit her website: RocinanteBooks.com.