Sky Chase

Book One of The Flight of Ships

Lauren Massuda

Travel to a vast world of airborne ships and floating islands.

The crew of The Raging Storm, led by 16-year-old Captain Cordelia, protects the floating Caelum Islands from strange creatures and criminals.

When Cordelia is poisoned, she must find the cure before time runs out. Her only hope is to join an alliance with a mysterious doctor — one who has carried a grudge against her father for years.

Not only will Cordelia have to race against time, but she will have to face the demons that keep invading her mind.

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About The Author

Lauren Massuda

Lauren Massuda

Lauren Massuda wanted to be a writer ever since her grade school principal read her poem to the entire school. She was 12 at the time, and the memory sticks to her to this day. Lauren graduated from Goucher with a B.A in English and a Creative Writing concentration. She also participated in UCLA’s Professional TV Writing Program and turned one of her scripts into a 120-page screenplay. She hopes that one day, her script could be transferred to the silver screen, but she’s content with the fact that she can share her debut novel with the world.