Rebirth on Xarbo

Diane De Pisa

A genre-bending science fiction tale that takes place on several planets and through two lifetimes, rife with psychic magic as well as insights from psychology and physics.

Yearning to reunite in the afterlife, a couple’s search runs afoul of both the materialistic Technists on Earth and the intransigent laws of Commensuration on their adoptive planet Xarbo, where rewards and retributions fly fast.

Their quest for destiny leads to far-flung planets — one occupied by the disembodied brains of human astronauts, another by soulless clones — as the reincarnated pair find themselves on separate planets and following divergent paths.

Hints of Star Trek and of Ram Das combine oddly with eroticism and mysticism in this epic tale of personal evolution.

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About The Author

Diane De Pisa

Diane De Pisa

Diane De Pisa’s early publications include three articles on Black Elk Speaks, the topic of her doctoral dissertation directed by Scott Momaday at UC Berkeley, and twenty poems in several journals. In 2014-2021 the Berkeley Times carried two serialized and condensed works sequentially: a satirical novel titled As Sour Grapes Ripen and her text for photos of Berkeley in the sixties by her late husband titled “Telegraph and Beyond.”

De Pisa’s account of grief and recovery, Love of Finished Years, was published by Wipf and Stock in 2021. Her “Bird Tracks: A Pantoum” won a Poetry Society of America award for a surreal poem, and a short story, “Visions Etched in Ice,” earned the grand prize at a Canadian festival.

Diane lives in Albany, California. You can find out more about Diane’s works and world at her website,