Prophecy of Honor

Fred Waiss

A hundred years ago, an old man staggered out of the desert and found succor at Honor Keep.

After his recovery, he wrote for a very long time and finally presented his writing to the current
Administrator, Honor of Honor Keep. That document is a prophecy of what will happen in the next hundred years to the family that owns and controls the Keep and the surrounding lands.

Now, the prophecy is nearing its end, and Collin, the current Honor of Honor Keep, must deal with the predictions for his own adult life: love, marriage, a son, and the war that Collin will win, but at the cost of his life and that of his wife.


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Fred Waiss

Fred Waiss

Fred Waiss was born and raised in Colorado. Once he learned the world-expanding skill of reading, he became permanently addicted. At age ten, his father introduced him to science fiction, and Robert Heinlein in particular, which led to his reading science fiction for pleasure almost exclusively for the next ten years. The "almost" means that he also read Tolkien, Howard, De Camp, and others in the fantasy genre. Like so many science fiction fans, he started writing stories as well as reading them.

He lives in Wisconsin along with his brother and one adult peculiar dog. When possible, he writes mostly (but not exclusively) speculative fiction both as short stories and novels. He also writes a blog and other miscellaneous content on his website,