The Paperclip War

Mikko Rauhala

After a nebulous Enemy destroys Earth, the remnants of humanity settle on Mars. Not only does this civilization survive, but they thrive, creating advancements for the rest of the solar system.

The Enemy is an advanced nanotechnological AI programmed to produce paperclips out of anything it touches … and it's not done with humanity yet.

Taru, a cadet in the Martian Special Forces, has been tasked with implementing a mutually assured destruction deterrent: if the Enemy attacks Mars, the Martians will destroy not only themselves, but the Universe at large.

As events around Taru hurtle toward ultimate destruction, all is not what it seems …

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About The Author

Mikko Rauhala

Mikko Rauhala

Mikko Rauhala is a bilingual Finnish science fiction author. Informed by both his master’s degree in intelligent systems and a transhumanist background, he’s most at home in hard science fiction settings, where he enjoys taking an eccentric premise and bringing it to its logical conclusion. As befits a Finn, his plot-driven narrative is often seasoned with a touch of dark, dry humor. Rauhala’s credits include co‑authoring Infinite Metropolis (Aurelia Leo, 2020) and "Rekindled" in Best Vegan SFF of 2020 (Metaphorosis, 2021).