Denisovan Harmony

DJ Cockburn

You’re watching the first Homo denisova to walk the earth in a hundred and fifty centuries grope their way into adolescence.

You haven’t wanted a drink for weeks and you’re not — really, you’re not — falling in love with your co-worker who is the only other Homo sapiens in the entire pine forest.

It’s all peachy until the Denisovans start holding singing contests in which the loser’s head gets bashed in.

Now what the hell do you do?

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About The Author

DJ Cockburn

DJ Cockburn funded his unfortunate writing habit through medical research on various parts of the African continent and drinking a lot of coffee. Earlier phases of his life have included teaching unfortunate children and experimenting on unfortunate fish.

In between a steady drizzle of rejections, he’s seen a few stories in venues including Apex, Interzone, and Gardner Dozois’s Year’s Best Science Fiction for 2014.

His website is at and he has occasionally been caught twittering as @DJ_Cockburn.