Bubbles of Time

Lorna Hopkins Keith

When Janni’s mindTalent leads her to space, she discovers other human colonies … and a threat to them all.

On the world of Peace, Janni must persuade her clan of the danger, and move the colonists from another, larger planet to her world.

On Cityworld, in the community of Starview, leader Samanda Lar, facing earthquakes, and water and food shortages after their disastrous move from dying City, foresees a coming menace and faces the daunting task of convincing her people to move to another world.

When aliens attack Peace, Janni must convince the Watchers, who have programmed Janni’s clan to replace them, that her clan should remain human.

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About The Author

Lorna Hopkins Keith

Lorna Hopkins Keith

Lorna Hopkins Keith, born in Hollywood, California, with a B.A. in Mathematics, has been writing since her teens. Fascinated by both numbers and words, she is also a musician, photographer, and puzzler.

Lorna has self-published a science fiction trilogy, attended many science fiction conventions and writing workshops, and has read science fiction most of her life.

She grew up in California, lived in Colorado, and moved to Florida with her physical therapist husband, where they live by a lake with a chatty calico cat.