Choose Your Truth

Jo Miles

Truth is obsolete. May the best lies win.

Low-level "news" agency staffer Bex suspects her coworker Alia is an agent of the criminal faction Choose Truth, which sows chaos with its harmful stories. But when she confronts Alia and her warrior-journalist compatriots, Bex’s own reality may be torn apart forever.

Trade Paperback Editions

About The Author

Jo Miles

Jo Miles

Jo Miles writes optimistic science fiction and fantasy. Their short fiction has appeared in numerous places, including Lightspeed, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Analog, and Fireside. Jo is a graduate of the Viable Paradise and Taos Toolbox writers’ workshops, and their story “The Longest Season in the Garden of the Tea Fish” in Strange Horizons was nominated for a WSFA Small Press Award.

Jo lives in Maryland, where they help nonprofits use the internet to save the world, but mostly serve the whims of their two cats. You can find them online at and on Twitter as @josmiles.