Best Intentions

Book One of the Glass Bottles Series

J Dark

When your past is left undone, it will come find you.

Fern Fatelli is a private investigator, specializing in more shady activities than finding children. The situation that launches her deeper into the uncertain realm of Magick is Fern being hired to expose Hervald Thensome, a prominent businessman in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as an adulterer. From this point on, Fern's situation spirals deeper into the realm of magic and danger.

Attacks by a mysterious man, and her own contracted adventure with kidnapping a general's family keep Fern walking a tightrope between her own concerns, and those around her, and her past. Her sister Fawn, a police lieutenant becomes involved as attacks on Fern become tinged with Magick and their shared past. The past comes back in full force with a revealing of the true reason why Fern and Fawn's parents cast the spell that destroyed the family so many years ago.

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About The Author

J Dark

J Dark

J Dark is a latecomer to the writing profession, but enjoying every moment that life will allow. “The best thing to me is writing a story that someone enjoys. If I've made something fun and entertaining for people, it's a win-win.”

J Dark lives with a house full of dreams, three cats, and various friends who occasionally drop by and stay for a while.

The author lives in Kansas, where the winds blow all the time, and, if you blink your eyes, the weather changes. You can find out more about the author's work at The Pandemonium.

2 reviews for Best Intentions

  1. Ryan Southwick

    “J Dark draws us into an alternate reality full of rich and unique magic, where primal forces have wills of their own and, for those foolish enough to call on them for aid, can take form and generally ruin your life. All of this, combined with sharp humor and a plot that twists and turns like a twisty-turny thing, kept the pages flipping, and left me dying to know what interesting things await in the next book.”

    Ryan Southwick, author of Angels in the Mist

  2. Vanessa MacLaren-Wray

    “J Dark has a way with creating twists that will catch you off balance. You’ll enjoy the ride, but it’s like a roller coaster in the dark, so hang on tight.”

    Vanessa MacLaren-Wray, author of All That Was Asked

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