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Join Us at Flights of Foundry From April 8, 2022 through April 10, 2022

Flights of Foundry

Join us this weekend at Flights of Foundry April 8, 2022 through April 10, 2022! Join us on April 9, 2022 at 1:00pm Pacific Time for "Small Publishing in a Big Universe", where you will have the opportunity to share and learn about the challenges and successes as a small publisher or independent author in today’s publishing marketplace. Meet our authors in the virtual Dealers area on the Flights of Foundry Discord server. And watch our website and social media accounts for special deals on our books all weekend!

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“Mermaid Steel” by Jay Hartlove Wins BookFest Award

We are excited to announce that the fantasy romance Mermaid Steel by Jay Hartlove won awards at The BookFest Spring 2022 in the Multicultural Romance and Love Story & Romance categories. The power of love over hate. A human blacksmith and a mermaid weaver fall in love and must overcome the fear and hatred that divides their neighboring villages. Only by reconciling deep cultural differences can the forbidden lovers bring their peoples back from the brink of war. A grand adventure, a hero with a dark past, a powerful goddess, and a message of hope for us all. Mermaid Steel...

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New Short Fiction: “For the Favor of a Lady” by Steven D. Brewer

For the Favor of a Lady

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of "For the Favor of a Lady", the second story in the "Revin's Heart" series, by Steven D. Brewer. Even a pirate will stop at nothing to help his little sister. When Grip, the first mate, is dismayed by his little sister's surprise engagement, Revin accompanies him home to learn who arranged her marriage and why. Available now in digital and trade paperback editions from most online booksellers, "For the Favor of a Lady" is the newest release in our Dragon Gems short fiction collection.

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“Dragon Gems” Temporarily Closed for Submissions

Dragon Gems

We want to think all of the authors out there for your, quite literally, overwhelming response to our Dragon Gems program. The number of submissions that we have received during the past two months have far, far exceeded our expectations. As a result, we will be temporarily closing submissions to the Dragon Gems program on March 31, 2022 so that we can take the time to evaluate all of the submissions that we already received and respond to them in a prompt manner. As the result of your overwhelming response and support for our Dragon Gems program, we plan to...

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Welcome to “The Truck Stop at the Center of the Galaxy”

At the center of the galaxy rests a mystery — a fully-functional space station abandoned by an alien race for centuries. Now a thriving hub for interstellar commerce and tourism, the station still contains more mysteries than you might imagine … We are extremely excited to be able to finally announce the publication of the first story in our new series, "The Truck Stop at the Center of the Galaxy", as author Steve Soult introduces you to "The Stargazer Gift Shop"! What would you buy at the Stargazer Gift Shop at the center of the galaxy? "The Stargazer Gift Shop"...

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New Audio Edition: “Angels Lost (The Z-Tech Chronicles Book Two)” by Ryan Southwick

Angels Lost (audio edition)

We are thrilled to announce the release of the audio edition of Angels Lost (The Z-Tech Chronicles Book Two) by Ryan Southwick and read by Dayna Ganiko. A vampire hunter has his sights on Anne Perrin, threatening to unleash the very evil she and her friends are fighting to contain. Robbing Anne of her pulse hasn’t stopped her from living un-life to its fullest: she’s balancing two relationships, has returned to her waitress job, and is trying her best to not eat her customers. But Calum sees through her disguise, and no amount of charm can dissuade him from eradicating...

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New Short Fiction: “Grey Mother Mountain” by Elyse Russell

Grey Mother Mountain

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of "Grey Mother Mountain" by Elyse Russell. When her village is destroyed, an elderly woman seeks help from the last remaining dragon to get revenge. Together, these two elderly females vow to rain vengeance down upon their enemies in a storm that will bring an entire city to its ruin. "Grey Mother Mountain" is also the newest release in our Dragon Gems short fiction collection and is available now in digital and trade paperback editions from most online booksellers. Signed editions are also available!

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Call for Submissions: “The Future’s So Bright …”

If you could catch a glimpse of the future, what would you hope to see? An environmentally-friendly paradise? High-tech advancements? Newly-evolved species of wildlife? For this collection, we want positive visions of the future. Show us terraces covered in gardens and solar panels, sprawling colonies under glass on Mars, and the explorers of tomorrow. Tell us what you think cities will look like in the year 2300, what it would be like to take a cruise on a spaceship, or what new organisms might evolve in the Amazon rain forest. Science fiction, fantasy, humor, and weird fiction are all welcome.

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New Short Fiction: “Sinera” by J Dark


We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of "Sinera", the newest story in the Glass Bottles series, by J Dark. Not all quests are epic. Some are personal. Driven by a need to find her own truth about humanity, Sinera leaves Underhill to find the one human who commands fear and respect from the Elves, and discover the truth with her own eyes. Available now in digital editions from most online booksellers, "Sinera" is also the newest release in our Dragon Gems short fiction collection.

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