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Dragon Gems (Summer 2024) Submissions Report

Dragon Gems

Once again, we thought we would share the statistics from our recent submissions period for the upcoming Dragon Gems (Summer 2024) anthology.

By the Numbers

Submissions (Total): 241
Word Count (Total): 939,032
Word Count (Average): 3,896

241 submissions in 31 days is about on average the number of submissions that we received for previous Dragon Gems anthology calls for submissions.

Submissions by Date

Submissions by Date
Unusually, there was not a significant increase in the number of submissions during the last few days of the submissions period, despite repeated reminders on our social media accounts during the last three days of the submissions period. The two spikes — one at the beginning the submissions period, and one around the middle of the month — were likely driven by our promotion of the open submissions during those periods on social media and our newsletter.

Original Stories vs. Reprints

Original vs. Reprints
The percentage of original vs. reprint stories was slightly higher than for previous submission periods at 78%. We like this a lot, though, as we love to give new authors as chance at their first publication.

Simultaneous Submissions

Simultaneous Submissions
This time, we saw an increase in simultaneous submissions out of the total number of submissions during this submissions period.

Submissions Process

(Or, as we like to call it, “Let’s see who can follow instructions!”)

We continued to use our new submissions form. This time, only 4 authors (1.6%) tried to submit their stories by email instead; all of those authors followed through by resubmitting it using the form.

Eight (8) authors (3.3%) withdrew their stories before we could evaluate them; two of those within 72 hours of having submitted their stories.

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