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New Book Release: “Just a Bit of Magic” by Barb Bissonette

We are thrilled to announce the immediate availability of Just a Bit of Magic by Barb Bissonette.

Every morning, Jenny Smith stares into her magic mirror, searching for glimpses of two girls. Today, she is joyful with anticipation, knowing that this is the day they will materialize in her village.

Molly has come to the village for a fresh start. Her parents are dead, her boyfriend has cheated on her with her best friend, and she is feeling very alone. Miranda has arrived at the boarding house and work place, but she has her own secrets. Nothing is as it seems in the village. Not the yoga studio. Not the bits of magic that seem to hover everywhere. Not even the assortment of women who gather there.

The two girls find themselves drawn into the circle, discovering that all of this is leading to the biggest story, the biggest mystery: the reason why they ended up in this strange, unconventional place to meet a hedgewytch named Jenny Smith.

Just a Bit of Magic is available in hardcover, trade paperback, and digital editions. Signed copies are also available.

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