Strained Sigma Bonds

Arasibo Campeche

Embark on adventures to discover stories about science, magic, the tarot, Haitian vodou, the clash of epistemologies, and addiction.

These stories are about people trying to control their environment, their sense of self, even the smallest of things within their power…

…and failing.

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Arasibo Campeche

Arasibo Campeche

Arasibo Campeche is originally from Puerto Rico with a PhD in Biochemistry and Biophysics. He writes science fiction, fantasy, and horror that's often inspired by scientific principles. He has several books in progress, but his passion is the short story.

His work has appeared in Death in the Mouth Vol. 1, Latinx Screams, Daily Science Fiction, Tales to Terrify, Weirdbook #41, Helios Quarterly Magazine, Dragon Gems (Spring 2023) and Dragon Gems (Fall 2023) anthologies, and several other publications.