Seven of Swords

(from “The Storyteller's Tarot“)

L. A. Jacob

Thievery, trickery, something precious is stolen.

When Tamerlane, a finder of lost souls, is presented with the unusual task of finding a stolen pit bull, he knows that all creatures have souls that appear in the spirit world.

It shouldn’t be hard to find a dog, right?

About The Author

L. A. Jacob

L. A. Jacob

L. A. Jacob (occasionally writing as Jake Logan) has been writing since she could hold a pencil and draw a straight line. She wrote fan fiction before branching out into novels and short stories. After her first book was published, she wrote five more within the span of three years.

Interested in magic(k), cards, and divination, She lives in Rhode Island with her son and three cats.

She is also the author of Carnival Farm and Real Magic for Writers.

You can find out more about L. A. Jacob at her website,