One for the Road

Brian C. E. Buhl, Melissa M. Buhl

Tina knows tracking spells, and her best friend Alexa knows how to get into trouble.

When Father Time goes missing, it's up to both of them to use their wits and their magic to bring him in. If Father Time isn't there for the New Year's ritual, it will be certain doom for the entire city.

But tracking Old Ones is a perilous task, and Father Time is powerful with time magic. Even with assistance from Mother Nature, how will Tina and Alexa capture Father Time without falling victim to an aging curse? Or worse?

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About The Author

Brian C. E. Buhl

Brian C. E. Buhl

Hailing from sunny Sacramento, California, Brian C. E. Buhl is trying to save the world. Formerly enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, Brian now spends most of his time writing software for the solar industry. When he’s not engineering technical solutions, he can sometimes be found playing saxophone with local community bands. Also, he writes science fiction and fantasy.

Melissa M. Buhl

As one of seven children, it's little wonder that Melissa Buhl's first story concerns itself with witches and witchcraft. Melissa is a voracious reader. When her nose isn't in a book, she works as a sales assistant in the health insurance industry. Melissa quilts, and has been known to play clarinet from time to time. With her husband, Brian, she has raised two beautiful and intelligent children, Bryanna and Christopher.