Hamm and Megs

Gary Battershell

When Megan decided to go on a camping trip with her two college roommates, she had no idea that she would find herself involved in an alien plot to conquer Earth.

And she certainly had no idea that a handsome extraterrestrial would find her “enchanting.”

Can a girl with low self-esteem and no experience with romance save her world and navigate the pitfalls of love with a dashing, but enigmatic alien whose true motivations are impossible to know?

Trade Paperback Editions
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About The Author

Gary Battershell

Gary Battershell has published speculative fiction in magazines and anthologies for over twenty years. Since 2019, his output has increased significantly. It includes entries in several anthologies, including Imps and Minions, Bodies, and Strangely Funny IX. Magazine publications include stories in The Society of Misfit Stories Presents, The Fifth Di…, and Sci-Fi Lampoon.

He is currently working on an Edgar Rice Burroughs-style science fiction novel, tentatively titled Savage World, and awaiting the publication of stories that include another rom-com (this one set against a Cthulhu Mythos background); “Deep Love” will be a part of a 2024 two-volume work, The Necronomi-Romcom published by Transformations by Obsidian Butterfly.