Are One

Michael A. Clark

What if a legend walks among us, but goes unnoticed?

What if a myth is reborn, but the world yawns in reply?
Would the legend be slighted, the myth offended?
What if they decided it was time to let us know they were here, and ready for duty?

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Michael A. Clark

Michael A. Clark has been published in Galaxy’s Edge, Tales from the Moonlit Path, Liquid Imagination, Mystery Weekly Magazine, Gypsum Sound Tales anthologies Colp and Thuggish Itch, Cosmic Horror Magazine, the benefit anthology Burning Love and Bleeding Hearts and Moonlight & Misadventure. His short story, “What You Want”, appears in Dark Matter Magazine, Issue 016. Mike lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and works in industrial automation while spending as much time as he can outdoors. He writes short stories and music because that’s what he does.