Our Books

Angels Fall

Ryan Southwick

What place is there in society for a blood-sucking vampire, what potential to lead a normal life? Or does such an abomination even deserve to live?

Angels in the Mist

Ryan Southwick

A sadistic murderer wants Anne dead. Then a bona fide vampire ruins her first date in a decade and, as if that wasn't enough, the attack reveals that her new boyfriend isn't at all who he seemed.

Balls in Play

Paul Moore

Is it true that heroes are made, not born?


Lorna Hopkins Keith

After Samanda Lar destroys her ex-husband, the Volen hand her the mission of saving the people of Cityworld and establishing their new home.

Just a Bit of Magic

Barb Bissonette

Every morning, Jenny Smith stares into her magic mirror, searching for glimpses of two girls. Today, she is joyful with anticipation, knowing that this is the day they will materialize in her village.

The Little Black Book
(and Other Stories)

R. J. Stanchfield

An eclectic collection of stories that are autobiographical in nature. What I tell you may be relevant to what happened. It’s more likely to be a series of exaggerations. That doesn’t stop me from telling the story as if it is perfectly true. I’m from Queens. It is what we do on the stoop; we tell stories. I'm a storyteller.

The Odd Profession of Jeremy Scratch

R. J. Stanchfield

When it comes to murder, serial killers know they have a big advantage. What the serial killers don’t know … Jeremy Scratch knows where they live.

Real Magic for Writers

Lisa Jacob

Magic is real.

Rules of the Campfire

Paul Moore

If you woke up one day and realized you had memories from more than seventy lives, fluid in every language you’d ever spoken, and recalled all the texts you’d ever read, would you wonder why?

Songs in a Box

Paul Moore

This time, the enemy is human.

Wrath of Angels

Ryan Southwick

The most powerful vampire in the world could be the key to humanity?s salvation ? or the instrument of its final destruction.