Linking to Reviews on Amazon

To provide link directly to leave a review for your book:

  1. Locate your book on
  2. Select your preferred edition. (It doesn’t really matter in terms of the review, as the review will be visible for all editions.)
  3. Scroll down (possibly a long way down) until you reach “Review this product”.
  4. Click on “Write a customer review”.
  5. When the review page appears, copy the URL from your browser. It should look something like this:
  6. Include that URL as the link in your social media or blog post to send readers directly to the review space for your book.

    Note: You won’t see a preview, since Amazon requires a login in order to enter a review. Instead, use one of the images that we have provided for you.

    Tip: For blogs, we recommend that you select the “Open link in a new tab” option when you add the link so your blog remains open in its original tab or window.

Repeat as necessary for each of your books.