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Dragon Gems (Fall 2023 Edition)

Shiver during the long nights with these dark tales

Featuring stories by Brett Thomas Abrahamsen, Mike Adamson, Christopher Bond, John M. Campbell, Arasibo Campeche, Brandon Case, Elizabeth Cobbe, Ryan Cole, Sarina Dorie, Monica Joyce Evans, P.G. Galalis, Kara L. Hartz, Brian Hugenbruch, Andrew Rucker Jones, Andrew Kozma, Steven P. Mathes, Jen Mierisch, Iseult Murphy, Ira Nayman, Tarver Nova, Frank J. Oreto, Anthony Regolino, and Lauren Reynolds

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Call for Submissions

Dragon Gems (Spring 2024) Anthology

Dragon Gems

Something funny is going on …

For this anthology we are looking for speculative fiction with a humorous twist. Think Spider Robinson, Douglas Adams, Piers Anthony …

Open for Submissions: October 1, 2023 through October 31, 2023
Expected Publication: April 2024

For more information, see Call for Submissions: Dragon Gems Anthology (Spring 2024).

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