The Z-Tech Chronicles

Anne Perrin has lived a life of fear and solitude. Yet, when the worst thing that could happen does, she discovers the family we choose isn’t always the one we’re born into. Instead, family may be those that find — and fit — us when and where we least expect them.

A sadistic madman gets the power he only dreamed of — as a full-fledged vampire. Driven by new, heightened instincts, William Taplin spreads fear and misery through San Francisco’s fog-shrouded nights. In the process, he perpetuates a vampire plague that unwittingly serves the malevolent Entity’s plan. At the crux of William’s scheme is the woman he brutalized while still human and continues to stalk. Only Anne and a small group of unlikely angels with incredible secrets of their own stand between the Entity and its ultimate vision of the future … one in which humanity doesn’t exist.

Book 1: Angels in the Mist

by Ryan Southwick

An ancient, powerful evil is loose in San Francisco. The heart of Silicon Valley must fight back the only way they know how — with compassion, unwavering determination, and, of course, super-technology.

Zima: Origins

by Ryan Southwick

Free at last of the programming that drove her to kill, the formerly enslaved artificial intelligence known as Zima now has her own android body, and is determined to find her place in the world … and to gain the family she never had.

Book 2:

by Ryan Southwick

Book 3: Graven Angels

by Ryan Southwick

The most powerful vampire in the world could be the key to humanity’s salvation … or the instrument of final destruction.

Book 4: Wrath of Angels

by Ryan Southwick

The Resistance must risk everything and face the most powerful military organization in the world to save the very people who vilify them: humanity itself.