The Odd Profession of Jeremy Scratch

by R. J. Stanchfield

Professor Jeremy Scratch is a human taxidermist … and an assassin of serial killers.

The Odd Profession of Jeremy Scratch is a slipstream story that crosses over and under conventional spy fiction genre edges. That’s because his closest friend in college, Professor Tunji Farabi, is an African revolutionist who is also the Chair of African American Studies at NYU.

Both men see themselves as being on good and honorable missions. Their personal visions, however, are not viewed through the same glasses. Farabi’s organization, SAGE, kills innocent people in many different countries on five continents.

The professors deal with different issues: death and dying, worldwide racism, and human preservation. They arrive at a philosophical crossroads and the question the reader will ponder is how strange are their worlds and is what they are doing ultimately good … Together the utopian and dystopian endings may be remarkably just, hopeful, and human.