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Water Dragon Publishing Welcomes Author Lauren Massuda

Lauren Massuda

We are excited to announce that we have officially signed an agreement with author Lauren Massuda to publish her book, Sky Chase, the first book in her “The Flight of Ships” trilogy.

When Lauren Massuda was 12 years old, she never knew that her little poem about the Earth would pique the interest of all her teachers, including the principal. One day, her principal ushered everyone into the auditorium and beckoned Lauren to the front with him. Stunned by all eyes staring back at her, the principal read Lauren her poem. When he finished, the room erupted in a round of applause. Lauren’s surprise turned to appreciation. She loved the idea of creating something and bringing joy to people, even if it was just a small thing like a poem. But she wanted to do more than that, she wanted to write books set in worlds unlike our own

Lauren grew up in Bel Air, Maryland, and still lives there today. She graduated from Goucher College with a Bachelor’s in English and a Creative Writing concentration. During college, she worked with the literary magazine and newspaper. She also became Editor in Chief for Goucher’s Odyssey community and recruited students to write articles on anything they wanted. Lauren enjoyed writing reviews on TV shows and movies. Lauren took part in UCLA’s TV Writing Program and wrote three scripts. She had turned one of those scripts into a 120-page screenplay and hopes that it could become a movie one day. Until then, she’s glad that she finally has a book to share.

Lauren’s book, Sky Chase, is scheduled for publication in Winter 2021.

We welcome Lauren to our Water Dragon Publishing family!

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